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Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 22, 2013

Yesterday's walk took me back to the grove that my parents built when we were younger.  There were many a nights spent back there camping, roasting marshmallows, putting on talent shows with the 4-H club, and good old fashioned fun.  We used the creek as a refrigerator, drinking water (didn't even boil it back then), and for cleaning (let me tell you it was COLD).  This was taken near where we used to build our dam every summer; probably not the same stones, but it's fun to think they might be.

A fern still awakening from the long winter.

The new cabin that my brother-in-law built.  We never had these comforts as kids - kind of a benefit of being a grown up I guess.  He modified the old out house too!!

Some mushrooms along the path.  Notice the little visitor on top?

Harlee pauses to make sure I'm still following her.

Black cherry blossoms.

Peeking through the trees at the big red barn at the Homestead Golf Course.

An old chicken shed looking better than ever.

Lilacs in bloom!  So nice to see after so many years of their succumbing to the frost.

The creek nearer to the farm.

Moss on the rocks.

A view under the bridge.

Inside out.  Looking out from near the trunk of my mother's favorite Japanese Maple tree.