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Friday, May 6, 2011

Brookvalley Farm - Keeping up with today

We have always considered ourselves fairly modernized and computer literate. That is until we met Facebook, Twitter and blogging.  While it seems that this is the most effective and efficient mode of communication and presently the most appropriate way to reach the masses, we’re still more at ease with a pen and paper or, heaven forbid, a telephone – yes, we mean one of those things with a cord connected to the wall that doesn’t rely on electricity, a monstrous tower and silently uncertain emissions in order to properly function and doesn’t weight heavily in our pocket everywhere we go.  Despite all of this, we are discovering just how small our world can be, and how big, and how spectacularly wonderful it can be to reach out with such ease and directness to those who may not be a part of our everyday lives – at least physically. 
Now, what do we do with this newfound knowledge and ability to speak to the masses?
Well, we are in the business of offering horse drawn services and no matter the convenience or efficiency, none of this means that we’ll be trading in our grain guzzling furry friends for ones of virtuality, hanging up the harnesses and jumping on the e-highway, or forgoing our cherished carriage ride for one of high-tech comfort as we bask in the emitted rays of satellite communication on our cushy Farmville ranch.  What it does mean is that we will continue to bring the romance and nostalgic memories of old to life as our team of Belgian draft horses pull our 19th century vis-à-vis carriage or our pioneer-inspired covered wagon to take you on a journey back to a time when travel and communication were much less complicated, where air pollution was merely caused by nature, a handshake was a valid contract, and when, if we had something to say, we said it out loud or hand wrote it in a letter.  Of course, we will also take advantage of some of today’s modern comforts such as shocks, brakes, barium studded horseshoes and music.   
As for the handcrafted jewelry and BarnYard art, well, most of that is already done the old fashioned way – hand hammered and worked, flame soldered, and painstakingly polished – but, electricity is truly a handy addition, almost as handy as You Tube instructional videos and an e-marketplace. 
So, while our business is to offer you an escape from today, our methods of communication will try to keep up with today.  We’ll see you on the internet; on Facebook and on Twitter and on our blog where we’ll keep you updated on coming events, happenings, and life on the farm.
Laura & Steve

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