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Friday, February 1, 2013

Chapter 2013: Page 1 of 365

Day 1:  Milk, coconut milk, eggs, bacon, dog food, dog bones, cereal, Febreeze...

Day 2:  AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey, AICUP Financial Analysis and Trends, IPEDS Winter Collection, Peterson's, Wintergreen Orchard House, MSCHE Institutional Profile, Early Withdrawal, Freshman and Exit Surveys, Residence Life, Alumni, Graduation...

Day 3:  Today, I'll write...  Emails qualify, right?  After all, we had two weeks off and there were a lot to respond to.

Day 4:  Hmmm...

At the start of the new year, a couple of my writer friends posted inspirational and motivational thoughts on their Facebook pages regarding their New Year's resolutions and their intentions toward writing.  Of course, I immediately jumped on the train, and thought, "What a great idea."  One post was quite simple in its complexity, "Chapter 2013; page 1 of 365," to which I responded, "Note to self:  write something everyday."  A simple task.  No parameters, no deadlines, no word counts, or purpose, or intent.  Just write something everyday.  Technically, I guess I could say that I did accomplish my goal on days 1 through 3 - if you consider my grocery list, to-do list, and a few e-mails; however, I'm not at all certain that that was the type of writing intended either by the initial creator or myself.  So, now what?

I've created writing schedules in the past.  Anxious, exhilarated, and determined, I aggressively set out to write thousand's of words a day.  Daily, unfortunately, quickly turned to every other day, which turned to weekly, then bi-weekly, and slowly crept toward monthly with a stint of quarterly thrown in for good measure.  And now, I face a near empty page yet again, and so it begins.  I can't change the past - wouldn't it be great in some circumstances if I could - but today, today I'll write! 

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