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Tuesday, March 26, 2013



The word itself, according to Merriam-Webster, means "the quality or state of being equal."  So why would we fight for equality for one or some, but not for all?  Isn't the selective fight the very antipode of equality?  Shouldn't all of mankind be afforded equality?  And if so, why do we label it?  Why do we insist on creating the means  by which to propagate discrimination and inequality by discerning one group's right to equality over another group's?

Should we continue to seek equality for one population, one majority or minority, some people, but not all?  Should we base the right to equality on the fact that one voice carries further or louder than another, or because one speaks more eloquently or demands more attention?  Should it not be simply because we are all in this together fighting for the same things, the same unalienable rights, and the same opportunities by which to achieve them?

Are we not all equally, unilaterally, and simultaneously privileged and disadvantaged?  Is any one man so great as to consider himself judge and jury over all?  To determine the ultimacy of right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable, life or death?  To determine which labels will be shunned and which will revel in glory?

Should we not all be free to determine our path, to choose our fruits or our poisons from the same garden knowing that when we take the next step it will be with equal chance of succeeding or failing, dependent only on our own ability, inability, determination, or weakness, and not the predetermined destination of society or the law?

Should equality not be equally my equality, your equality, their equality...our equality.  Human equality.

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