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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Today's Lens (06/19/14) - Just Kidding

Wow! Time flies when your having fun - and kids. No, not me, silly. Yesterday afternoon at approximately 2:27:10 PM ( I was too excited to note the exact time) our Boer goat, Ann, had a kid; a doeling to be exact. Of course, the artist side of me wouldn't allow the camera to go idle while this was taking place (it did note the exact time). Here are some progressive shots of the birth.

It's almost time. Ann was very uncomfortable at this point; up and down, up and down, standing, pacing. She has shown the first signs that kidding is near. Now we wait. I wished there was something I could do to help her out, but she's done this before and knew what was best (1:25:44 PM).

I see feet and a nose (2:24:49 PM)!

Baby on the way! (2:26:08 PM)

Wriggling its way out, and looks healthy (2:27:08 PM).

Bleeting and starting to look for Mama (2:28:47 PM)

Let the clean-up begin (2:33:01 PM) 

I stuck around for a while after the hard part was done to make sure the doeling nursed, and that Ann was in good shape, but then I had to leave for a doctor's appointment (nothing serious, just follow-up with the endocrinologist for my thyroid issues - that's a whole other blog, or maybe it should be). I left Mama and baby in the very capable hands of my brother and 4-year-old nephew who were the first ones to meet the new kid on the block!

Ah, finally home from the doctor's and Mama and baby are doing great! Still a little wobbly, but cute as a button and taking her first steps in this crazy little thing called life (5:09:51 PM).

"This being born stuff is tiring business! It's time for a nap" (5:18:33 PM).

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