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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today's Lens (06/05/14)

Today's Lens takes us on a walk from our farm house to my mother's, well technically my sister's now, but I think it will take the rest of my lifetime to get adjusted to calling it anything other than Mom's (sorry April). From there, we'll journey into the garden, and the goats pen for some fun! Enjoy the journey with me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This little one as been a very busy bee--look at that pollen! This bee is only about 1/4" long. I'm not too good with identifying species, so if anyone can, please let me know. --Image date: 06/04/14

 From a distance...  --Image date: 06/04/14

Wow, were the dandelion seeds flying around yesterday! It almost looked like it was snowing, and kind of reminded me of the opening line of Luke Bryan's "Drunk on You" - "Cottonwood blowin' like snow in July..." --Image date: 06/04/14

One lone male Mallard duck floated in the creek as we crossed over the bridge on our way to the mailbox. --Image date: 06/04/14

 Ah, my mother's bleeding hearts. She tried and tried to thin them out, but they hearty plants. The pink and white plants have now mixed together, and I was able to get one shot showcasing them both.  --Image date: 06/04/14

I'm sure Mom is smiling down knowing that her Clematis is still thriving.  --Image date: 06/04/14

The PJM blossoms have come and gone, and now it's time for the Rhododendrons.  --Image date: 06/04/14

I'm not sure what these are, but my sister may remember. They're a quite tall plant that my mother put in her side yard. I'll have to do some checking.  --Image date: 06/04/14

 Have you ever looked up at the world from inside a Red Maple tree? Well, now you have...  --Image date: 06/04/14

 The Tiger Swallowtail's (this is the male) were particularly cooperative yesterday, and were thoroughly enjoying the Lilac blossoms.  --Image date: 06/04/14

 --Image date: 06/04/14

 --Image date: 06/04/14

 This one's for you Mom. The Lilacs enjoyed a full bloom this year with no late frosts to kill them.  --Image date: 06/04/14

Of course, it was hot, so Harlee took a dip in the creek to cool off. She also scared the Mallard, but I'm sure he'll be back, and Harlee really needed the cool down.  --Image date: 06/04/14

 --Image date: 06/04/14

These next few shots are of what I've taken to calling the "Swallowtail Drinking Party-Tiger Style." Several gathered in one small area to drink from the ground. The party starts out with one butterfly getting ready for guests.  --Image date: 06/04/14

The first guest has arrived. Surely the party will pick up soon.  --Image date: 06/04/14

And then there were three...  --Image date: 06/04/14

 And four...  --Image date: 06/04/14

 The fifth one is a real party crasher, and flew in unannounced!  --Image date: 06/04/14

Of course, there's always one in the bunch that has to have a little too much and trip over his own wings.  --Image date: 06/04/14

 The simplicity of a buttercup.  --Image date: 06/04/14

And a gently moving meadow. If I didn't think I'd get eaten alive by bugs, this seems like such a nice place to just sit and daydream.  --Image date: 06/04/14

A wild strawberry peeks out from beneath its green canopy. Some little critter is going to be happy to see you!  --Image date: 06/04/14

I would usually take the time to look up what kind of flower this is prior to posting, but my computer just notified me that it will be restarting in 14.39 seconds in order to update Windows, so I'll have to get back to that. These are growing wild all over the farm; they are quite small, but very pretty. --Image date: 06/04/14

Last year's golden rod still holding on. As an allergy sufferer, I'm not to anxious to see the newly blossomed yellow of this year's crop anytime soon.  --Image date: 06/04/14


This little bluebird was singing his heart out to another one in the patch of woods across the pasture. I was planting at the time, and actually asked him out loud, "What are you talking about little friend? And why does she not answer you?" And then I thought, he's probably just making fun me, "Look at that crazy human with the picture box in her hands thinking she's sneaking up on me. Like I'm going to let her get close enough. Ha. Silly human girl."  --Image date: 06/04/14

 The plants are all in...bring on the rain!  --Image date: 06/04/14

 The goats! Mia was in a particularly playful mood. It was hard to capture it, but I tried anyway.  --Image date: 06/04/14

 "I am king of the tire."  --Image date: 06/04/14

 "Come on Belle, let's play!"  --Image date: 06/04/14

 "Please Belle. Please, please, please. Come on."  --Image date: 06/04/14

And one final shot of my view on my way up to my office. I love when the grass gets long enough to turn the horses out in the upper pasture. So peaceful and pretty.  --Image date: 06/05/14

I hope you enjoyed our little journey. Join me again next time for more of "Today's Lens." 

Thanks for viewing!


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