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Monday, July 28, 2014

Today's Lens (07/28/14)

Once again, I have let images build up on my camera. But, good news! I went through them today! Our journey today will take us through the dust and the rain, the clouds and the sunshine. Join me, won't you?

As always, if you'd like to comment on individual photos, please visit the Today's Lens (07/28/14) Photo Library.

The swat team. The ponies are lined up using each other as fly swatters to keep the flies off of their faces.

This king fisher has been hanging around the bridge with a buddy, but I was only able to find this one with the camera.

This black-winged damselfly was really neat looking with the sun shining on its iridescent body.

The butternuts are growing good this year.

And, so is baby Ivy B! This little goat is so much fun to watch.

And she's growing like a weed. This is Ivy with her mama, Ann.

And here she is with her Aunt Muffin. We're patiently waiting for Muffin to have her kids too - soon we hope!

Ivy and Shadow. Not long after I snapped this picture, Ivy bounced up to Shadow inviting him to play, but he was not interested. He gave a quick snarl and dashed away.

This is our adorable little Bullwinkle (Wink). I can't stand how cute he is!!!

Just look at that face! 

The rush is on! No, not for gold, but for dinner. Molly takes the lead...

Followed closely by April...

Randy, Riley, and Bandit brings up the rear.

A quick peek at Honey before she comes in for dinner.

And then we'll hang out and wait for them all to finish dinner. Harlee and Shadow are barn buddies.

Not really sure why this caught my eye, but it did, so I'm hoping it catches your's as well.

The clouds took on that heavy feel of a storm.

And they didn't disappoint. Caught this rain drop coming in for a landing on one of the walkway stones.

The storms just kept coming; this is round number three, or four, or five--I lost count.

But we'll end with a little piece of sunshine. Every time I've tried to plant sunflowers in the past, something ate them before they could bloom.

This time, I didn't plant them (most likely the birds did), and they're doing great! Go figure.

I hope you enjoyed our journey on this rainy Monday. Please, join me again next time for more Today's Lens.

Thanks for viewing!


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