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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Today's Lens (08/05/14)

Today, we will take our usual walk to the barn and to visit Nana, but along the way we'll hang out with a few green herons, a great blue heron, the boys, and a couple other visitors along the way.

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From a distance, I thought I noticed something moving in this tree, but wasn't sure until I zoomed in with the camera what it might be. Much to my surprise, there were two green herons hanging out.

Something overhead caught their attention, and they attentively watched it fly by.

Now, back to the pond, and hopefully a good breakfast!

This third fellow was checking things out from high up in a cherry tree along one of the fence lines.

I had to keep checking on these two; they were in no hurry to fish or fly away.

A little, "good morning," squawk fro the top one. 

The one at the top of the cherry tree moved down a bit and stretched his neck to see something. I wonder what it could be?

A quick shot of the boys. They've really become fast friends and can be seen hanging out regularly in their pasture.

And, then on to what caught the attention of the green herons--a great blue heron flying by on his way to Powell Pond.

This mourning dove hung out on the pasture gate and let me get relatively close before flying off. They are such pretty, soft looking birds.

And back the herons. This is the one that was sitting higher in the tree, but now he's decided that it might be fun to try a balancing act on one of the ropes that keep the horses out of the messy end of the pond. It looks like he's got a pretty good handle on things, but then again...

...maybe not.

He tried to regain his balance for a while before deciding that it just wasn't worth it, and flew off.

This little bunny peeked his head up from his grassy breakfast just long enough to snap his picture.

The great blue heron is patiently waiting and scoping things out for his breakfast.

Rocky posed one more time.

And the heron gave up his island perch for greener grass on the mainland.

I hope you enjoyed today’s journey. Please, join me again next time for more Today’s Lens.

Thanks for viewing!


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