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Friday, August 22, 2014

Today's Lens (08/22/14)

Today, we'll say welcome to a new friend, and visit some old ones as well.

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Tiffany and Cole brought Duke up to say hello. Duke is the newest member of the Powell family, and a super cutie!

Cole kept climbing the bank, and got in a bit of trouble.

But, he got over it quickly enough!

I love his one white paw! Of course, around here with all the mud and dirt, I'm pretty sure it will be brown more often than it's white.

Ah, puppy love!

The birds or squirrels or chipmunks sure did a fantastic job planting these sunflowers. They're doing great, and the bees love them now as much as the birds will when the sunflower seeds are ready.

You can see the seeds starting to take shape and grow.

Carbondale's Pioneer Days Ethnic Heritage Celebration and Antiques on the Park.

Pretty girl Molly.

Ivy B and her mama, Ann. Ivy is getting so big!

And, she's so much fun to watch in the field.

"I'm queen of the mountain," or at least this boulder.

This is a piece of what I'm assuming is the handle to something; I believe it's a pressure treated piece of wood. That, or Mother Nature has developed an emerald green tree that I don't know about. I thought it was quite interesting how the fungus is growing the same color as the interior of the wood.

The girls were out for their daily romp. Mia wouldn't stand still long enough to get a good shot of her at all today.

And, Belle wasn't much better.

We'll end with a couple of fun shots. Belle was talking to me as I took this one.

And, Mia seems to be saying "na-na na na-na."

I hope you enjoyed today’s journey. Please, join me again next time for more Today’s Lens.

Thanks for viewing!


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  1. Love them, Laura! Let me know when the new kids show! ~ Nancy