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Monday, September 1, 2014

Today's Lens (09/01/14): A New Kid in Town

When we went to bed on the night of August 28, all was quiet in our little valley of the world, and the 29th dawned brightly. Well, maybe a bit more brightly, only we didn't know it yet. We went about starting our day as normal; I tended to the animals here on the hill, while Steve tended to the animals down at the barn, and then we were off on our merry, individual ways. What a surprise I was in for when I made my daily trek down to the barn for the mid-afternoon feeding of the chickens. We had another baby! Muffin, who we had been closely watching for signs that she was ready to kid, up and had her without me (I'm not really an integral part of the process, I mean, she's perfectly suited to perform the task without me, as she made well known, but I like to think I am) - and without warning. Her former owner had warned us that she wouldn't give us any warning, and he was definitely right. She showed none of the usual signs that a delivery was near - no hollowing at her hips when the baby moved into the birth canal, no dimples around her tail, not even an enlarged udder. Nothing. Then, bang, there's a baby all cleaned, up and running around in the goat pen. Mom and doeling were doing great! Ann and Ivy (who was actually the one who gave me a sign that something was up by running around just outside the pen door and catching my attention - I couldn't figure out why she was being so silly) stood off to the side to allow Muffin and her precious little one room to bond, frolic, and nurse. It was all so beautiful! See for yourself:

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Such a cutie!

Don't know why, but I love their little feet when they're babies. It's kind of like a puppy's paws - something to grow into.

Mama and baby.


As with all of our goats, I like to get to know them a bit, and learn their personalities before I come up with a name. Needless to say, I'm still working on it...

This little one is very active and playful - a name will come to me soon (I hope!).

"What's that you got there?"

Again, awww...

A very proud mama!

As well she should be!

Ann watches on from the adjoining pen.

And baby Ivy B peeks through to say "hello."

She's a super cutie too!

"How do I look from this angle?"

Look at that precious face!

I'm sure there will be more births here on the farm, and some may think that if you've seen one, you've seen them all. But, I never get tired of it! Life, especially new life, is such an amazing and awe inspiring thing!

I hope you enjoyed today’s journey. Please, join me again next time for more Today’s Lens.

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