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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Today's Lens (09/02/14)

Today's lens takes us to the barn and back, then to the garage and back in search of objects, rocks, and tools that I could use for today's projects. I'm no where near done with them all, but I needed to take a break and sit in the air conditioning for a while. I can usually tolerate the heat, but his humidity is wiping me out quick! Here's a bit of the day so far.

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On my first trip down the hill (walking), the geese were enjoying a morning stroll and some breakfast. Before long, they'll be flying off to warmer grounds. I can't believe it's that time already.

Is this not the face of one of the most handsome billy goats you've ever seen? Bullwinkle is growing up fast, but he's still a cutie pie.

The sign is up! Steve dug the hole and cemented the post the other night for me, and I got the frame up yesterday. This morning, I hung the sign. I went back down later to clean it up a bit (keep scrolling/reading).

On my way back up to the house, this guy nearly took my head off in his fly-over. My hands were full, but I dropped everything, and managed to get this shot of him before he took off again.

This time, I took the truck down; walking down again on a day like today would almost do me in, I think. Although, I'll probably strap on the camera and take an afternoon stroll to feed the chickens. It's good for me, right? Anyway, I cleaned this up a bit, drove some stakes to hold the lattice, and placed some plastic down under the mulch (free mulch, by the way - did you know that when the crews come through to trim the trees along the power lines, they are generally more than happy to dump the shredded waste where you can access it?) to try to keep some of the weeds away. Next up: Mums! I'm thinking rust and orange and yellow.

Before I headed back up the hill, I stopped by my mother's to steal, I mean borrow (no, I really mean steal) this five gallon crock from my mother's/sister's. We have some cabbages in the garden that make a basketball look small, and I need something larger than the one gallon crock that I'm currently using to make sauerkraut out of those babies. This one is now all scrubbed and sanitized and ready to go after the first frost sweetens the cabbage. Fresh sauerkraut all winter!!

Hmmm...not sure about this one, but I'm throwing it in anyway. I wasn't sure how big the crock was, so I grabbed a five gallon bucket from over by the barbecue pit for comparison. This is rust settling on the shovel that was taking up residence in the bucket. It was in big bubbles all over the surface of the shovel. I think this is one that I'll play around with in Lightroom some day; it could be fun!

Oh, and I mentioned that I was looking for rocks. Well, this is why. Cole stopped up yesterday when I was experimenting with the Spidey rock, and of course he wanted one. I promised him he could pick it up today when I got it finished. He said he wanted a fly too, so, being the spoiling good aunt that I am, I went rock picking and painted him up a fly or two. 

I've actually managed to cool off a bit while prepping this post, so I guess it's back to the painting, and other projects of the day. I'm fixing some shutters for an art display and hope to get some more canning done; I used ten pounds of tomatoes the other day for salsa, but there are still about as many sitting on the counter, and more ripening in the garden as I write. I might try some ketchup this afternoon. I never did it before, so it should prove interesting! I also have to get the beans steamed/blanched and in the freezer before they get soft on me. Phew...sounds like I'll be busy!

I hope you enjoyed today’s journey. Please, join me again next time for more Today’s Lens.

Thanks for viewing!


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