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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 of 2014

Well, I'm already off to a better start than 2013 - I don't think I even started writing until about day 7.

I spent most of the afternoon clearing the clutter off of the old desk. Not so I could set up the new computer that I trudged through the snow for because I messed up on the delivery address and had to go to the UPS warehouse to pick it up, but so that I could move all of the files to the new filing cabinet that hasn't made it to its new home in the attic as yet. Now, instead of wholly unorganized chaos, I have neatly boxed and piled chaos. I came across a couple of papers that I had written for my undergrad degree, and I have to wonder what it was the Wilkes University Creative Writing Program staff ever saw in my writing - it's quite questionable at best. But, hey, it got me the A's I struggled for!

Although it may not seem so, I have greatly improved since then, and if I keep at this daily promise to myself I may get even better. I can't wait to set up the new computer though - the 'O' on my laptop is missing its key cover, and I'm hitting the little rubbery nub that lives underneath which is not an easy task. I wonder if I should try to fix it? Ah, this is a challenge, I'll keep at it. I c uld always try t write with ut using the letter ' ', I w nder if any ne w uld have tr uble figuring  ut what I was saying? Ha, ha.

Ok, I'm getting silly now. Time to retire to reading and try this again tomorrow!

Night, night.

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