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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

Last year, with very good intentions, I made a resolution to write everyday. I failed.


This year, I will try again, but vow to make a much more valiant effort to do so...I think.

 Late last summer, we started building an addition on the house - I say addition, but it's much more like a second house - and the progress has been, for an over-excited artist and writer, slow. Not slow in the contractor's speed, ability, or even time frame, but slow because as much as I'm ready for "a room of my own," I'm not ready for a room of my own. We did manage to buy a new computer for the almost-existing writing alcove, as well as a desk, and I fixed the printer that has long sat silent under a heap of last year's bills and paperwork otherwise unfiled, but I'm not sure that I'm ready emotionally. I should be. This is what I've dreamed of. A private space to carry out all forms of creativity. But, what of creatively creating my creative space? When will I do that? What will I do? How will I do it? What color should the walls be? Carpeting or laminate? Custom shelving or run-of-the-mill cabinetry? How can I sit down and craft in any form if I don't have my space appropriately crafted?

Does it matter? Probably not. But, maybe. But, it can't. I have to do this. For myself and my sanity, I have to write and get this aggression, stress, art, creativity, rambling, ranting, nonsense, philosophizing, and otherwise out of my head so I can fill it with more. Day one. Complete. It's not much, but it's a start. Maybe I'll even work in some editing. I have a manuscript that I've sorely missed, and very much needs some attention!

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